The Matric Enwild happens only once a year and is for any Matric student who wants to do something different to celebrate and mark the enormous milestone of finishing school – something more conscious, more free, more out there. . . more wild!

enwild |enˈwīld|

verb [with object]

1. become (someone or something) wild: [with object and infinitive] :  the swim in the stream would enwild our quiet spirits.  e.g. She left the city to enwild her being.  The finch was enwilded by its sudden freedom.

2. to enter into a state of wildness or wilderness, to become more wild, to enhance or imbue with the quality of wildness, to immerse oneself in or become one with wilderness.


What to Expect

Swim in rock pools, summer sun, showers under a waterfall, sunrises, sunsets, sleeping under the stars, new friendships, explore, beautiful trails , Cape Mountains, naps under trees, take it easy.

Envision, enliven, enwild . . .

6 days for Matrics from communities around the country.

It’s that simple.

When: 11-16 December 2017

Applications close 28 November 2017.


“It was one of the most amazing five days I’ve ever experienced. I had the opportunity to meet new people and make life long friendships. The world we live in today is incredibly busy so these precious moments are special and rare – it made me feel like a new person, ready for a new chapter in life.” – Matric 2015


“This experience has been an eye-opening and life-changing experience for me. It was really necessary and helpful for me to get-away and to reflect on this past year and all that I have accomplished. It has showed me how beautiful and amazing this earth we live on really is.” – Matric 2016


“It has been an amazing journey for me. I believe if everyone would attend such, the world would be a better place. Sleeping under a million star hotel has to be the best thing ever. I never knew the stars were so beautiful. Thank you for an amazing life experience.  I’m changed” – Matric 2015 


“I’ve been on many hikes before but never one like this. This has been a phenomenal experience for me. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for making this experience of a lifetime possible” – Matric 2015



There are thousands of Matrics finishing school this year and only 21 places on the Matric Enwild.

The Matric Enwild is not for economic profit but there is a cost.

We strive to include people from diverse economic backgrounds, and so costs are based at varying tiers for you to choose an appropriate level of support. We make some scholarship places available.





We are looking for funds to support scholarships that will help matriculants to attend the Matric Enwild programme. This is something different from the conventional Matric Rage – a real way to acknowledge achievement and support school leavers to walk into the mountains as a metaphor for walking into the unknown next phase of their lives.

Many of our applicants come from challenging socio-economic environments, and places are allocated from motivational letters written as part of an application. We focus on creating a balanced group with a mix of gender and participants from diverse backgrounds from across the country. 

As a potential donor we are happy to send you a full report from the previous events to evaluate the impact and scope of this project.
This will take just one minute of your time, and impact the life of a young person to envision what is possible for their future.



Entries open on the 22nd June 2018 and close on 25 November 2018.

We have 5 scholarship positions available – anyone may apply, preference is given to avid Matrics who can motivate why they need support.

We encourage those who are able to, to please consider paying it forward and enter at the normal rate which is reduced thanks to our sponsors.

Sponsored Places: all costs covered min payment of R780 pp to cover transport.

Standard Cost: all inclusive: R 3,850 pp

Extra funds raised will support future Matric students to be a part of this experience.

We have made Matric Enwild accessible to everyone through the above pricing and support options, but it is also very exclusive, as there are only 21 places in total each year. This means if you want to be there sign up early and commit.



What’s Included

Months of preparations by a small dedicated part-time team who answer any questions you may have leading up to the event, work to prepare logistics and coordinate transfers, scout new locations and on it goes. We are amazed ourselves how much it takes to get a group of people into the mountains. 

2 x Experienced wilderness guides

All access permits + conservation fees.

All overnight camping fees.

Group medical emergency pack.

Emergency Satellite Phone + GPS.

Indemnity insurance.

The knowledge that your participation donation is being used responsibly and to assist in supporting deserving Matrics to join. 

Special and memorable gifts from the experience. 

An experience that will live on long after we reach the end of this experience, memories of wide open places, silence, achievement, laughter and loads of good companionship. It will be rewarding, beautiful and amazing.

Contact: Jess Tyrrell // 0741727327 // info@matricenwild.co.za